With the my family exploring the Smithsonian.

With the my family exploring the Smithsonian.


As an accomplished artist and creative director who has real-world experience with some of the world’s best-known companies such as IBM, FranklinCovey, Novell and Gerber, I have a proven ability to understand the needs of business, and to blend them with the aesthetics of design to create communications solutions that are clear, compelling and memorable. 

In addition, as a design educator I have honed the ability to react and understand student needs despite facing complex design problems. Detect group dynamics, guide discussions. Guide the focused flow of strategic direction in inter-disciplinary settings. Solutions become integrated. Clearly understood. 

As an image-maker, I also excel at detecting patterns, recognizing opportunities and making meaning out of seemingly disparate patterns. With empathic understanding of both visual and business problems, I can combine seemingly unrelated activities into not only something new and bold, but effective.

I have extensive teaching experience on the collegiate level: Northwest Missouri State University, Long Beach State University, Santa Monica College, Chandler-Gilbert Community College and Brigham Young University.

Specialties: All phases of Branding: research/analysis, creative direction, design and management.