As an accomplished artist and creative director who has real-world experience with some of the world’s best-known companies such as IBM, FranklinCovey, Novell and Gerber, I have a proven ability to understand the needs of business, and to blend them with the aesthetics of design to create communications solutions that are clear, compelling and memorable. 

As an image-maker, I also excel at detecting patterns, recognizing opportunities and making meaning out of seemingly disparate patterns. With empathic understanding of both visual and business problems, I can combine seemingly unrelated activities into not only something new and bold, but effective. With an MFA in painting and drawing I have been trained and grounded in rigorous drawing and painting methods, but have explored and used digital tools to create unique and expressive visual explorations.

In addition, as an educator I have honed the ability to react and understand student needs despite facing complex problems. Detect group dynamics, guide discussions. Guide the focused flow of strategic direction in interdisciplinary settings. Solutions become integrated. Clearly understood. 

I have extensive experience teaching art and design at the collegiate level: Northwest Missouri State University, Long Beach State University, Santa Monica College, Chandler-Gilbert Community College and Brigham Young University.